Each of us forms a large part of a collective union on earth. Humans, insects, trees, oceans, mountains, icebergs and all things human or divine collectively form into a water dominated imagined reality. This together forms an oblate spheroid that spins around an imagined axis among other beauties of spaces or places we may have never seen or explored before.

My representation of these oblate spheroids in clay and water exemplifies a changing future we all are gravitating towards, with not just bulging equator’s and shifting poles but also a unified movement of atoms – liquid or lipid.

Held together on this one oblate spheroid we spin, evolve, revolve and re-evolve and this circle continues on for eternity….. Or so we hope.

Is this water covered earth soon going dry up into a mass of clay someday and re-evolve without any of us mind, body or soul?


Year of exploration –2017 and 2018
Firing techniques – Wood, gas and anagama fired