Story Teller Series

Imagine, if vessels could speak: what amazing story-tellers they’d be!

Their journeys and tales they’d learn; the stories of adventures they’d testify to; would all become narrative melodies to our thirsty souls.

Each crevice, each dent on the vessel, each little speck on its surface; will have a different story hidden within it. Some run of the mill, some suspense thrillers and some stories that will leave us at the edge. At times stories would remain, incomplete, waiting for someone to come along and complete their story.

My vessels would like to narrate some of these stories.

Each molecule of clay is begging to be heard. We need to take time to be still and listen to each of them.

Each wrinkle signifying wisdom and maturity,

… Like finger prints unique and never changing

… Like the growth rings of a tree trunk showing its age and its stages of growth

Set free your mind and allow my work to narrate their stories to you.

Year of exploration – 2015
Firing technique – Gas fired