Sci Fi Series – Metri Arc

My training as an architect has always had a huge influence on all my work.

I see the world in lines and planes. A mish-mash of shapes interplaying with each other, coming together to create a tangential universe.  In this tangential universe, I create work that is true to its form.

The Metri- arc and Sci Fi Series started off with me using pure geometric forms – squares, circles, triangles and merging these forms one into another. It was all a play of intersecting these perfect forms.

From geometric forms, I slowly started moving away from that and also started added textures and other dimensions to the work. That’s where the malleability of clay assisted me and I started breaking out of pure forms. I still used the geometric forms but allowed the clay to give and provide plasticity to the work. I thus transformed a geometric from into a more fluid form which was truer to the material.

Year of exploration – 2010 to date
Method of firing –Various kilns – wood, gas, salt and even anagama fired